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Chit Chat Talk about anything here! Keep in clean.

New Parrotlet Mummy.

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Old 01-22-2017, 02:06 AM   #1
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Tamarinkyloulybell is on a distinguished road

New Parrotlet Mummy.

Hello I am new to Parrotlet's .. I helped my fiance raise parrots African Greys and yellow naped Amazons.. When he passed away .. I moved out on my own and I live in a very small studio now .. missed all the lovely parrots and the beautiful singing and talking so I adopted a parrotlet..

He's lovely, a blue little wee parrotlet he's a male his name is Peanut and he's lovely he's quite friendly he is very independent I pretty much let him free range .. I think he's been quite responsive I hear they are very picky creatures and I've been trying to feed him foods like lovely vegetables blueberries blackberries strawberries bananas along with seed ..
I did pick up pellets simply because I've heard that seeds to them are similar to wot potatoes chips/ crisps are to us ? Correct? Rubbish right?
He has been trying different foods that I cook just for him I made quinoa he loved it. He is eating broccoli but he won't eat any fruit yet .. ( i'm thinking perhaps it's because it's winter time? ) He adores hemp seeds and I wanna make sure they are a well balanced diet for him if he doesn't eat the pellets or other fruits and veggies that I provide for him that is ..

I have only had him one week today . Since then I spend acouple hours with him in the mornings we eat breakfast together..
And since I work for myself I often come home in the afternoon. Then sometimes I don't get home till late and he is sleeping in his little tent and I don't wanna wake him up to feed him again but I wanna make sure that he gets enough food and attention . But I hear that they must sleep at least 12 hours . so I'm wondering when I'm home at night should I cover his cage at night if I'm watching TV ? it's a small studio . And I'm wondering if I should put Him in different room he seems like a happy little bird.. I am wondering if I'm disturbing him at night because I don't settle down until 11 PM or midnight so should I keep him covered when i'm at home up late ?

Thank you , and I humbly welcome any advice on how to keep him happy .. I'm hoping I've made the right choice adopting him for my lifestyle .. Also he is alone for no more than 8 eight hours a spell .. is that too much time for a parrotlet to be alone?

Thank you

Nervous Parrotlet Mummy
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Old 01-22-2017, 06:34 AM   #2
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Hi and welcome to the forum!
Your big bird experience will serve you well, as Parrotlets are closely related to Amazons (and act like they are the biggest bird instead of the smallest).
Everything about your setup sounds just fine to me. Seed vs. pellets is highly debated, so most of us feed a variety of things.
Yes, they do need 12 hours of sleep. Covering is a great solution for smaller spaces. I also use a sleeping cage in my bedroom which I move Tumi to at night, although that is more to keep him with me instead of isolating him at night because he DEMANDS to be able to see me while he sleeps.
As far as your schedule, you are absolutely fine. I leave at 6:45am Monday through Friday and don't come back until 4:30 at the earliest, and many of us have full time jobs outside of the home.
Good luck getting him to eat a variety of things! They are picky, and many people give up because they might only try something the 12th time you offer it, and then only if you cut it up just right and placed it in the right dish in the right location. It is like a kid who will only eat their sandwich a certain way, but the parrotlet expects us to know that the cuts should be diagonal instead of straight.
They are crazy, but worth it!!!!

Tumi and his mommy Dana

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Old 01-22-2017, 02:03 PM   #3
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Greetings and welcome! I too went from large parrots to parrotlets several years ago, it was a bit of adjustment petting on a dinky parrotlet versus a big umbrella cockatoo! But, other than that it's not so different, though unlike big birds my dinky darling can be flighted in the house. I very much enjoy that. These really are BIG BIRDS in little I'm sure you will do just fine with your little sweetie. I wish you the best! Enjoy!
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Old 01-22-2017, 08:44 PM   #4
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Welcome! Sounds like you're on the right track.

Any time you want to post pictures we will be very very happy
Christine the human and Levi the parrotlet!
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Old 01-23-2017, 12:57 AM   #5
David Miller
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Thumbs up


Peanut is a lucky bird. Make sure you have food for him to eat at all times, along with plenty of water. Since you are in a small studio, I would cover him at night. He may get upset when you first cover him, so I would put the cover on him during a day that you are there and stay next to the cage to let him know you are there for him. Peek at him often and make sure he is okay. Some parrotlets don't take kindly to being covered up. My Bogie never liked to be covered up. I tried and tried and he just didn't care for it.

You can offer him seeds and pellets in different feeding bowls. He will choose which one or he probably will eat both. P'letts love variety! Get him ;plenty of chew toys and fuzzy toys. The fuzzy toys are good for hiding treats in, like a couple of sunflower seeds, little nuts (nothing salty, please) a piece of cheese ( do not let it stay out long), etc. My Bogie loves pepperoni. When I eat pizza, he is on my wrist and wanting that pepperoni and cheese. I have to watch him, he will fly right onto the pizza pie itself! ( it is hot!).

He needs dark. At least 12 hours or so each day. Keep it quiet at night. You can watch TV. I do.

Sorry to hear about your fiance passing away. Your Peanut will make a good companion.

BTW--Peanut will most likely love--peanuts! (Unsalted or lightly salted).

Dave and Bogie, the parrotlet.
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Old 01-23-2017, 02:21 AM   #6
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Hi, welcome to the forum and the world of Parrotlets!!
I'm so very sorry for the loss of your fiance, hoping for comfort and healing after his passing for you.

I agree with everything shared! He sounds like he's doing wonderful, your schedule is fine, I'm sure he's eating before he doses off don't worry. I also have a small cage (well cages) in our bedroom so the birds can go to bed around 7:30, it works nicely for us. And we enjoy knowing they are close to us.

Here is my personal oppinon on pellets after a lot of research. Pellets were originally designed as a convenient way to feed parrots similar to a dog or cat food. Essentially what they are is mostly corn and ground seed with vitamins added. The best diet for a Parrotlet is a combo of seeds and fresh foods. An all seed diet is not good for any bird, however Parrotlet are very small and have a very high metabolism, so seeds are a good thing for the. Every time I start to feed pellets I end up going back to my original dry mix which is variety of healthy things, in addition to fresh fruits veggies and grains (only leave in cage for about an hour to avoid bacteria)
My personal food mix consists of Nutriberries (which are also vitamin fortified), Seed, Goldenfeast Petite Hookbill blend, egg food, sanitized crushed eggshell, bee pollen, dried herb salad, chia, and spirulina. I feel very good about everything they are getting from it, I put a measured amount in each day to encourage them to eat everything and they do well.
That said, there are birds on this forum who have been fed pellets (and other foods) their entire lives, and lived to as old as 17 and were healthy and happy so I support my fellow Bird owners choices as well.

Can't wait for Photos!! We love pics!

"In his hand is the life of every creature, and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:10

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