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Parrotlet Rainbow Bridge In memory of those who have gone over the rainbow bridge. Though they may not be with us, they will always be in our heart.

Huckleberry my baby, my berry baby is gone

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Old 06-24-2016, 02:19 PM   #1
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Huckleberry my baby, my berry baby is gone

Huckleberry was born 9-15-2004 and died on 6-20-2016.

Huckleberry was was so smart and deeply intuitive and we bonded instantly. He was so smart and responsive and full of love and loyalty and brought joy and laughter and tears of my gratefulness that God gave such a good friend to me. He was the only one in my life that loved me and accepted me despite all my impediments and shortfalls and he never waived from his loyalty, devotion and love and affection.

We spoke all the time about everything and he had a great interest in hearing the Word of God and singing and dancing and he loved to watch the horse races with me. He understood body parts because we would look in the mirror together and I would tell him that he has mama's nose and he would kiss my nose and that he had mama's eye's (same color) and he would kiss my eyelid and then look back in mirror with pride and we would both bust up and laugh.

Every time I left home, I told him that I would be back and when I came back I called out to him, "My Beeee, Mama's home, are you alright? He would chirp back in affirmation. We had thousands of games and interactions old and new. He was my tear catcher when I was sad and crying and would catch my tears after being moved by prayer. He was MaBee, berryboy, little two shoes, my dolly do right, angelberyboy, and 100 other affectionate terms. He was my boy and my baby and my reason for joy in this difficult life.

He was the first and the last earthly being that ever loved me completely and never wavered.
His condition: In the last 5 years he had a blocked uropial gland that would fill with oil and would cause him to pluck and mutilate. I took him to multiple vets for opinions and treatments over the years from antibiotics, pain meds, lancing to drain the gland and I also put warm compresses on it and palpitated some oil out. One time I spent two hours and got most of the marble size impacted gland drained to flat and it was too much for him and he ended up chomping his blood feathers around the area and bleeding out and became to weak to perch.

This went on for five years and I did everything I could to manage the blocked gland to relieve his pain and in the last year and especially 6 months it seemed to get worse. In fact one doctor banned me from the medical office because I asked for too many second opinions from the doctors in his office and this Dr. did not like me because I spoke my mind and I guess being from Brooklyn, people in California don't always understand language or culture differences.. He did not like me having doubts about other vet opinions or treatments and thought I was negative.

I could not give him Nsaids because he bled out from them and almost died twice from taking them so he was on Tramadol and vomited violently from that. One vet gave it to him under the radar after I told them he could not tolerate Nsaids but they thought it was dosage rather that the medicine and he bled out once again. Given the violation of trust, I had to be very careful with Vets. Huckleberry could tolerate codeine sulfate for a couple of days but that was it.

I reminding him that I had to disclose the good and the bad experiences and results for his health history such as bleeding out from NSAIDs. I was only trying to search in every way possible to help Huckleberry. We were not welcome to a highly known Avian vet was sad.

There are so few knowledgeable Avian vets and they all usually have different approaches and recommendations. in 2013 I took HB to Dr X that thought there was a very good prognosis that removing the gland will give him relief. Dr x said she only lost an older budgie with advanced cancer from this surgery and she had done hundreds. That seemed pretty good odds but I was reluctant because other doctors sad 50/50 which is too risky.

I got Huckleberry on special vitamins to relieve feather molting and just kept trying to comfort him. He ate like a piggy and still did all his antics and did the cobra dance with the finger puppets. I got more concerned because he was sleeping 14-18 hours and seemed to just want to sleep. Maybe he was getting old and just wanted to sleep a little longer.

He starting wincing and whimpering when I would pick him up so I though he was in agony. He had a harder time climbing but he did love to be outdoors and would perch fine. On April 16, he had blood work and was completely normal except for a little raised white cell count related to inflammation which made sense. Dr. X kept highly recommending the removal of the gland.

Several other doctors advised against surgery unless it was life or death necessary. It was so hard to decide because Dr. X said if I wait to long, he would be too old or perhaps not strong enough. Now that he is still in good overall health, he should have a better life

I sent a letter with a picture of Huckleberry's gland in May to an Avian vet in another state that is highly regarded and he felt he needed surgery right away and that it should be a low risk surgery. The thing that I was not told by either vet was the process until after the fact.

Dr X gave Huckleberry an injection of Butorphanol prior to the anesthesia and this procedure followed by the isoflurane anesthesia had too many risks of side effects that resulted in his death. The isoflurane anesthesia cannot be calibrated sufficiently in a such a tiny parrotlet of 27 grams to be safe after given the injection of Butorphanol and often ends in death.

The out of state Dr. strongly advised against this procedure as do many avian medical journals and I only found out after it was too late. I wish he told me the details before the surgery because he knew based on his recommendation on on Dr x recommendation, I scheduled the surgery. He should have ONLY been masked with the calibrated isoflurane gas only and given pain meds only after fully recovered from the anesthesia. I thought all avian vets did little bird surgeries the same and now I know it is walking through a dark alley blindfolded.

I deeply regret the surgery because in the end in was not a an emergency life saving procedure. His death is permanent and his gland issue could have been managed. Huckleberry's blood work showed he was normal and his exams showed in good health. Further, the visualize assessment of his organs such as heart liver, kidneys and intestines and veins all looked very healthy and HEALTHY AND CLEAN from the the necropsy.

Two days after his death, I received a blood feather molt pamphlet and it asserted that birds rarely if ever bleed to death from a broken or chewed blood feather and they had gel to treat the area. I failed so badly in every manner. Had I not talked to that doctor out of state, I would not have had the surgery at this time. I would have received more info on blood feathers and i made mistakes on every turn. I killed a healthy bird that was my best friend. I also found that often when they discover they can make certain sounds like moaning or whimpering; that they repeat the sound because it is fun and not to tell you it means that they are suffering.

He seemed very sad and low key when I left the vet to wait for him. I told him I would be right back and everything would be alright and that the doctor would make his boo boo much better. I was wrong.

I hope his little big spirit is in heaven and I don't know how to cope right now. Even when the world seems unraveling, (like every day) Huckleberry had a string from his heart to mine and would gently tug on my heart to remind me everything would be ok.

I will live in agony over this until my time in life comes to an end because I failed to protect and preserve Huckleberry, my best friend.

I hope Huckleberry's life and death will save one of your beautiful angel parrotlets.
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My Huckleberry Friend forever

Last edited by littlehuck; 06-24-2016 at 03:52 PM.. Reason: Corrected birth date is 2004
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Old 06-24-2016, 02:57 PM   #2
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Rest in Peace at the Rainbow Bridge Huckleberry.
You will always be remembered here for the sweet boy you were.

"In his hand is the life of every creature, and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:10

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Old 06-24-2016, 03:42 PM   #3
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You were a loyal friend to your parront, Huckleberry. May you soar with delight over the Rainbow Bridge.
Prince Timothy Frederick AKA "Timmy" DOH 9/15/04. It's his castle. I just pay the bills. He is a prince after all.

The Little Prince
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Old 06-24-2016, 04:01 PM   #4
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Little Huckleberry lived a good long life, and you clearly gave him the best life any birdie could ask for.

RIP Little Huckleberry! Fly high, fly free, and fly like the wind!

Cheeky and Rascal
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Old 06-25-2016, 01:03 AM   #5
David Miller
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Your whole story is so sad. It seems that no matter which way you turned, things didn't go well. I understand you. I made a decision in 1988 about a young parakeet and surgery. It didn't go well at all. I blamed myself for a long, long time over Olivia's death. I thought only...what if...what if..., then after so many years of research, I found that there were thousands of people who made the same dreadful decision I had made. It could have turned out better, but it didn't. Surgery on a bird is extremely difficult for the bird and the doctor.

Olivia's surgery wasn't 100% necessary. Her digestive system did not line up and her doo doo's were very difficult. I could massage her and this alleviated a good part of her problem, but, just like you, I heard of a surgery that would help her. It didn't. I know how you feel. This has made me remember Olivia, now, and I remember the good times more.

You just keep up that Brooklyn attitude! I think it will help you deal with this a little better. Thank you for sharing something so dreadful. I think we have all learned something here and for this, we are grateful.
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Old 06-25-2016, 06:28 AM   #6
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lindav is a jewel in the roughlindav is a jewel in the roughlindav is a jewel in the rough

Very sad story----you went above and beyond with your sweet Huckleberry. You kept great detail on his diagnosis and treatment. Surgery on a little bird is risky, but you tried everything that would save/help him.
Don't beat yourself up --- we have all been there. I had the sweetest parakeet with a tumor on his wing. The vet talked me into surgery. He survived, but his quality of life wasn't there. The tumor came back, and he had to be put down. I hope you will find another best friend when you are ready. Best to you.

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Old 06-26-2016, 01:01 AM   #7
Jinx n Noodle
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I'm sorry for your loss
Noodle, Indigo, and Wasabi
Forever remembered Jinx
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Old 06-27-2016, 04:07 PM   #8
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I lost my little Coconut in April and I grieved a lot. I'm so sorry. {{hugs}}
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Old 06-27-2016, 04:30 PM   #9
Mama B
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RIP Huck

I am so sorry for your loss. Fly free berry.
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see picture below

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