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Conversation Between lindav and Sam Sam
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  1. Sam Sam
    02-08-2016 08:40 PM
    Sam Sam
    Hello Linda, hope I have a correct reply, new at this but not with Parrotlets. When Sam Sam was young Star and him had some battles. One there was blood drawn. We kept them apart and or watched them like hawks if they were out together. Then Stars mate died. Was like Sammy watch her mourning and felt really bad. After awhile Sammy and Star never fought. Then Sammy started feeding Star. Long story short, they became inseparable. They started being in the same cage grooming each other and feeding each other. They had become mates. And stayed that way till they past away. To begin with they were in a cage side by side for a long time. Of course Sammy bossed the male Budgies around. He was the flock boss. No mistake about that. So, if possible I would get a male Parrotlet if they Budgie is female and vice versa. Not saying they will be best mates but Parrotlets can be very bossy. All the best.


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