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Conversation Between lindav and Mrs.JP3
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  1. Mrs.JP3
    07-29-2015 03:18 PM
    thanks Linda our transplant is end of September, we will be in Tucson near the hospital and I will come home before him. I'm hoping the two weeks to a month without hubby around will help me earn some points with Melody.
  2. lindav
    07-29-2015 02:36 PM
    I wrote you a message, then this computer "lost it." I hope all is well with you & your husband with the kidney transplant you both had. Bless you for being there for him! You were saying in your message that Melody favors your husband over you. Don't worry----Ollie favors me over his plastic white toy (ice cube tray or small plastic cup) right now. He will call me to get him out of his cage, but is soon back in his cage playing with it. I enjoy our mornings & evening scritches. Melody is normal, she'll be your best friend when your husband is away. At least you don't have to compete with a white plastic toy!! Write and wine anytime, I love to get messages! Best to you all.
  3. Mrs.JP3
    07-22-2015 02:04 PM
    Oh boy, even at night she is so high strung. She's doing pretty good this morning, a ball of energy but not really biting. I'm being very easy going with her trying not to ask much. She crawled around on me making a ton of noise wile I made my coffee and flew between her cage and me a couple times. She yelled at a paper towel and after some coaxing went into her cage where she is now squacking up a storm and banging her toys around. Lol
    Oh! And the other day when it was time to wake her up, didn't see her at first and then realized her head was sticking out of the slinky!!
    She really loves scritches and will usually take them any time of day but she's been too rambunctious to want them. Usually if I just hold my finger above or behind her head she fluffs her head up and then I scritch. If her Feathers stay down I know she dosent care. Hopefully she can take out some aggression on the toys this morning and calm down later!
  4. lindav
    07-22-2015 10:39 AM
    I hope Melody will behave better for you. I know you love her and it's frustrating, but birds are easier to deal with before 1-1/2 before bedtime. They love the scritches. To give me a hint, Ollie says the "S" for scritches and puts his fluffy head down for me. During the day he plays in his cage after morning breakfast with me. I get him out again later in the day. This cuts down on the bites.
  5. Mrs.JP3
    07-22-2015 01:48 AM
    Thank You Linda
    She certainly is adorable, and an aggressive hormonal mess!! and I just love her to pieces. Im thankful that my husband loves her too because week both know how important it is to keep handling her. We love her too much not to anyway. Lol at least we share the abuse! We take her out for multiple short amounts of time and then go "here, you take her!" I know she is feeling cranky. I'm sorry Ollie is too! but it does make me feel better to know its normal. I did the towel a couple times the first stage we went through like this, but she's too smart she knows its coming and I just hate her running from me like I'm a big mean lady with evil dish cloth. I have been offering a palm more often because there seems to be less flesh to bite. Lol.. It sure helps to be reminded by everyone it will pass!
  6. lindav
    07-21-2015 07:31 AM
    Hang in there! Melody is adorable, probably a hormonal mess. Maybe that is her reason for aggressiveness. Not to take her out she may revert to being more untamed. I have a male, but my breeder told me the towel method of letting Ollie know who is boss to control the biting. I think I told you how I do it. PM me if you want to know. Ollie (almost 2) gets reminded daily as he has been biting me more lately, but he's being territorial. Sometimes I get him out with a towel or perch not to get bitten in the morning. I wear rubber gloves in his cage if he is in there. Where was that sweet baby I fell in love with? Only for evening scritches! My sister has a feisty female, Bonnie (11 yrs.), a real eating machine with a mind of her own. When she is around you for a while, she is sweet and loves her scritches.


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